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Cassandra was born in Manhattan and brought up in Westport, CT. This was back when Westport had woods and meadows instead of McMansions. She had an idyllic childhood and emerged from her toddler years as a rather odd girl who loved stories.

She finished her first novel at age 8. It was entitled "Polly" and was an epic 36 pages in large, childish handwriting, including--wait for it--color illustrations! She was in her pastel period at the time.

Time passed. Adolescence arrived. Difficult times were had. Growing up (in the purely physical sense) was accomplished. She grew into a rather odd young woman who loved stories.

Cassandra attended Bard College, and received a literary agent as a graduation present. Unfortunately, the book did not sell. Cassandra moved to New York and started writing fantasy novels which also did not sell. Strangely, during this time her reading consisted almost entirely of mystery novels.

While devoting herself to the goal of acquiring a misspent youth, she began to discover sf novels other than The Lord of the Rings and books by Samuel Delany. While waiting for her favorite mystery authors to come out with their next one, she began voraciously reading fantasy. Strangely, during this time she began to write mysteries.

1988 arrived. Kathleen Jordan (may she rest in peace and bliss) at Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine accepted the first Bethancourt short story for publication. Cassandra immediately wrote another. And another. (See the complete list at the Short Stories link.)

Meanwhile, Cassandra began writing a novel based on the short stories. It was eventually published as The Young Widow. Much jubilation ensued at the Chan household. She settled down and began to write the series. Since then, she has gotten older and written a lot. Through sheer bad luck, she is now living in Florida while hankering after New York. She remains a rather odd person who loves stories.